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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available


UNIT 2 — Review Practice
Error Correction


The following sentences have errors. Read the sentences then type the correct sentence in the box. The number following the sentence tells how many mistakes are in the sentence.

1. After I flied to Toronto I was taking a train to Ottawa. (3 mistakes)

2. Where did you do while you was visited Vancouver? (2 mistakes)

3. Cameron and Aidan was flying to Calgary before Steve buyed his ticket. (2 mistakes)

4. They had two weeks vacation so they did not have enough money to travel. (2 mistakes)

5. Keith was boarding the train when he bought his ticket. (2 mistakes)

6. The passengers were checking their luggage after they goed through customs. (3 mistakes)

7. When the travel agent were booking my ticket I read travel brochures. (3 mistakes)

8. We were sightsee in the morning. (1 mistake)

9. While we were in Montreal, we was asking our tour guide many questions, so he knew a lot of information. (3 mistakes)

10. After I was a child I visited many Canadian cities, but I learned a lot of Canadian history. (3 mistakes)