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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available


UNIT 2 — TRAVEL — Exercise
Plane Vocabulary

  Choose the correct vocabulary word to complete each sentence.
1. A moves an airplane up to the sky.
2. A/An gives an airplane power.
3. is the suitcases of the passengers.
4. A/An is a seat beside the window.
5. A is a piece of paper that has information about your flight: your flight number, your seat, and where to get on the plane.
6. A/An is a place to put your coat and bags on a plane.
7. A is a person travelling on the plane.
8. A/An is a person who serves food and drinks on an airplane.
9. The is the person who flies the airplane.
10. A/An is a place to walk on a plane.
11. A/An is a seat beside the aisle.
12. A keeps you safe in your seat.