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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available




In the first or rough draft, you take your ideas and write them in sentences in an organized way. Your first draft will not be perfect. It will not be the final piece of writing. Do not worry about spelling mistakes or grammar problems in the first draft. Your goal here is to WRITE. You will correct your mistakes in the second draft.

When you are writing a story, a letter, or a description, it is a good idea to write the complete story or description without stopping. After you have written your first draft, then you can read your story and make the corrections and changes.

Here is an example of a first draft about a short trip to Victoria. You can see that there are many errors in the story. Errors are not important in the first draft. The important thing is to start writing.

I taked a ferry to the island. I drove the car from the ferry to the centre of the town Got a bedroom on a hotel. We had dinner in a nice restaurant and we went to a music concert and we walked along the beach after the concert. I went to Bed at midnight then I had breakfast in the hotel. At the end I took the ferry home but I visited a beautiful garden before I drove to the ferry.

When you finish the first draft, you can improve the writing. You can reorganize the sentences and add or remove information. You can correct mistakes.