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  A participle is the -ing or -ed form of a verb.  
Verb To be infinitive
  Be simple form
  Being participle
  Been past participle
Verb To go infinitive
  Go simple form
  Going participle
  Gone past participle
Verb To do infinitive
  Do simple form
  Doing participle
  Done past participle
Verb To talk infinitive
  Talk simple form
  Talking participle
  Talked past participle


Participles have many functions, for example:

  • they are part of the progressive verb forms.

  • they are often used as adjectives.

  • they are sometimes used as adverbs.

  • they are used in adverb and adjective phrases.

  • they are called gerunds when used as nouns.

Certain participles can be used to describe how people feel or the causes of those feelings, for example: interested / interesting, excited / exciting, bored / boring, confused / confusing, etc.

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