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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available


Sentence Combining: Part A


Examples illustrating the different ways of combining simple sentences:

Link subjects together
Method Combined Sentence Explanation
The boy is playing baseball.
The girl is playing baseball.

The boy and girl are playing baseball.

When the verb is the same for different subjects, you can combine the subjects.

When you combine subjects, use the plural verb form.

Link verbs together
The child ran in the park.
The child played in the park.
The child ran and played in the park.

When the subject is the same for different verbs, you can combine the verbs.

Do not use "and" more than once or twice in a sentence.

List adjectives together
There are trees.
The trees are old.
The trees are tall.
The trees are beautiful.
There are beautiful, tall, old trees. When you list adjectives, remember the proper order: opinion + size + age + colour + origin
Use prepositional phrases
The children are playing baseball.
The parents are playing baseball.
It is Saturday.
The children are playing baseball with their parents on Saturday. Prepositional phrases replace unnecessary subjects and verbs. It is Saturday > on Saturday.
Omit unnecessary/repeated words
Deborah went to work.
Maxine went to work.
They went together.
They drove.
They drove in Deborah's car.
Deborah and Maxine drove to work together in Deborah's car.

NOT: Deborah and Maxine drove to work together.

Notice that only one verb was used. It was not necessary to use both "went" and "drove".

Remember to include all the important information. In the second sentence an important piece of information is missing. The first sentence includes all the necessary information.

Use linking words, such as coordinate conjunctions
The boy is nine years old.
The girl is ten years old.
The boy is nine years old, and the girl is ten years old. Linking words are used to join simple sentences into compound sentences.
Use parallel structure

Maxine likes to sing. Maxine likes acting. Maxine also likes to dance.

Maxine likes to sing, act, and dance. Grammatical forms should be parallel. Similar grammar and structures should be written in the same form.