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Linking Words


Linking words are words (or groups of words) that show the relationship between one idea and another idea. They are also called conjunctions and transitions.

I like apples, but I don't like apple juice.


There are many different linking words.

Linking words have three forms:

  1. Coordinating conjunctions link two independent clauses in a sentence.

  2. Subordinating conjunctions link an independent clause with a dependent clause or phrase within a sentence.

  3. Transitions link sentences in a paragraph.

Linking words follow specific punctuation rules, for example:

  • Use commas before coordinators.

  • Use semicolons before transitions.

Linking words have a variety of functions, for example, they can:

  • show the time order of information.

  • contrast information.

  • add information.

  • show cause and effect.

Linking words may be used:

  • in a sentence to link ideas within the sentence.

  • at the beginning of a sentence to link sentences in a paragraph.

  • at the beginning of a paragraph to link paragraphs together in an essay.

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