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A gerund is the "-ing" form of a verb, the participle form, that is used as a noun in a sentence.


is fun.



A gerund is used in the same way a noun or noun phrase is used. For example, it can be used as:

  • the subject of a verb.

  • the object of a verb.

  • the object of a preposition.

A gerund:

  • is used after certain verbs. For example: finish, enjoy, suggest, quit, avoid, consider, keep, etc.

  • is used after the verb "go" to express recreational activities. For example: go hiking, go camping, go swimming.

  • is used after certain expressions. For example: expressions of time: spend time shopping, waste time sleeping, or expressions of place: sit on the couch watching TV.

  • is used with verbs of perception. For example: hear, see, and feel.

  • can express the negative when "not" is placed before it.

  • can be used in the past and passive forms.

  • can be modified by a possessive.

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