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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available


How to Work Through Each Unit


Follow these steps in each unit.

  • Read the introduction to the unit.
    Review the Reference Tools that are listed in the Unit contents.
    Then, read the Unit contents list. This will tell you what you will be learning in the unit.
  • Read Lesson 1
    Explanation of concept — this is main part of the lesson.
    Model of concept — this is the example for the lesson.
  • Go to Comprehension Questions and answer the questions. They will help you understand the concepts in the unit. This exercise gives hints to help you learn more.
  • Read the next part of Lesson 1 and do the next set of Comprehension Questions and continue until you have read all of the lesson and completed all of the Comprehension Questions.
  • Then go to the Exercises and do them. They will help you to practice the concepts that you have just learned in the lesson.
  • Proceed to the next Lessons and repeat the same steps as above. After completing all of the Lessons in the unit, review the list of Reference Tools. You should understand all of the concepts listed on the Reference Tools page.
  • Continue with the next unit.