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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available


Reference Tools


Three Reference Tools are included in the resource for you to use as a source of information and learning tools. You can click on these sections at any time. The Reference Tools include:

Building blocks Grammar and Structure
This section gives you the basic elements of grammar that are referred to in each unit. You can click on the highlighted section at the beginning of each unit. When you go to the Grammar and Structure section you will see an explanation of the grammar concept and some grammar practice exercises that you can do if you need more practice.
Pencils for writing

Writing Tips
This section gives you ideas and examples of how to write. If you have problems coming up with ideas to write about or need help getting started in writing, this section will give you some suggestions to help you.

a glossary book Glossary
Certain words that may be new or difficult are highlighted with a dashed underline in the unit. You can click on the highlighted words and you will see the definition for the word and see an example sentence.