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UNIT 2 — Lesson 1 — Comprehension Questions
The Topic Sentence


Answer the following questions to learn more about topic sentences in process paragraphs. Click on the correct answer and read the explanation.


Which topic is a real-life process?

  a Telling someone how to order supplies
  b Telling someone that you have learned how to use the new photocopier
  c Telling someone what you did on the weekend

Which topic is a process?

  a A paragraph describing the laws of a country.
  b A paragraph describing who makes laws for a country.
  c A paragraph describing the way the government makes laws for a country.
3. Which topic is a process?
  a How friendly the people in your neighbourhood are.
  b How much it costs to live in your neighbourhood.
  c How people can travel to your neighbourhood on the bus.
4. Which is the best topic sentence for a process paragraph about how to buy a car?
  a Before you go out and shop for a car, decide what kind of car you want.
  b Buying a car can be a stress-filled activity, but with a little research and comparison shopping, much of the stress can be avoided.
  c Be careful about choosing "extras" such as a CD player instead of the standard tape player; these extras cost extra money.
5. Which is the best topic sentence for a process paragraph about preparing to write a paragraph?
  a In order to write a good process paragraph, you should prepare by using the following prewriting techniques, which focus on your audience and your purpose.
  b You should prepare well before you start to write your paragraph.
  c After you consider your audience, you should think about your purpose.