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UNIT 2 — Lesson 2C — Comprehension Questions
Using Time Transitions to Show Time Order


Answer the following questions to learn more about using time transitions in a process paragraph. Click on the correct answer and read the explanation.


Complete the following sentence.
Time transitions are used to tell the audience __________ to do an action.

  a how
  b why
  c when

Which word is a time transition?

  a therefore
  b as soon as
  c because
  d meanwhile
  e but
  f later

Choose the correct time signal to complete the following sentence.
__________ you get off a plane in a foreign country, you must go through Customs.

  a While
  b When
  c Then
4. Complete the sentence.
In a process paragraph, you should use time signals __________.
  a as much as possible
  b as little as possible
  c as often as necessary
5. Complete the sentence.
The concluding sentence in a process paragraph __________.
  a restates the topic sentence
  b summarizes the main steps in the paragraph
  c ends the list of steps