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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available


UNIT 2 — Lesson 1 — Exercise C
The Topic Sentence


Check your understanding of topic sentences and process paragraphs by completing this exercise.

1. Which sentence is the best topic sentence for a process paragraph about using an automatic teller machine (ATM bank machine)?
  This is how you get cash.
  Using an ATM is simple once you have learned these few steps.
  If you follow these instructions you will be able to get your cash.

Choose the best ending for this topic sentence.
Saving a document on your computer __________.

  is an easy, four-step process
  is the first step before printing the document
  is one of the first things you must learn to do on a computer
3. Choose the best ending for this topic sentence.
Many card games are difficult to learn __________.
  and it is hard to know which games are easier to learn
  but lots of other games are easy to learn
  but you can learn one game, Crazy Eights, in ten minutes by following these simple rules
4. Which sentences are topic sentences? (More than one answer is correct.)
  Now you know all the steps needed for building a bookshelf.
  In order to give a great party you must plan ahead, be organized, and prepare well.
  It is simple to repair a flat tire if you follow these instructions.
  Put your bank card into the automatic teller machine.