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Writing Tips


Before you actually begin to write you need to think and plan. First you will go through the process of pre-writing in order to generate ideas and focus your subject. Then you will organize your ideas into an outline for a paragraph or essay. When you are ready you will prepare your first draft. Finally, you will revise and edit your first draft and write the final draft.

Steps in the Process of Writing Planning and Organizing
  Identify the Main Controlling Idea
Pre-Writing Identify the Supporting Points
Narrow Your Topic Paraphrasing
Think of Ideas Summarizing
A  Brainstorming Determine the Order of Supporting Points
B  Clustering A  Time Order
C  Questioning B  Space Order
Determine Your Purpose C  Order of Importance
Identify Your Audience Write an Outline
Determine Your Voice Write a First Draft

Revise the First Draft

  A  Unity
  B  Support and Detail
  C  Coherence
  Unit Checklists
  Revise Draft with Editing Checklist
  Write the Final Draft