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Time Order


Putting points in time order is the easiest principle. It is used mostly for writing about a process or telling about events that happen in a particular order. In process order, one point must be explained before the next point can be understood. If you explain things out of order, the reader will get lost. In time order you are narrating events. You can begin with the oldest event and proceed logically in time until you get to the most recent event. Or you can start with the most recent event and work back in time.



Time Order

Grocery shopping

Look in the cupboards and fridge
Make a shopping list
Go to the store
Buy what is needed

A whale-watching trip

Go to harbour
Put on waterproof suit
Get into boat
Ride for 30 minutes
See many whales and porpoises
Take photographs
Ride 30 minutes back
Get out of boat
Take off waterproof suit

My father
(reverse time order)

Died a year after retiring
Moved to Montreal
Had two daughters
Worked for Canadian National Railways
Studied engineering
Went to war
Got married
Born in Saskatoon



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