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Write an Outline


Once you have grouped your ideas you should be able to create an outline for your writing. Outlining can help you organize and develop your material. An outline is a formal organized list of the ideas, explanations, details, examples, and other supporting points in an essay. Writing an outline makes writing easier.

When you make an outline you divide your writing into major components or headings and then arrange your ideas under those headings. It can help you focus the main controlling idea, identify the main points, and develop an organizational plan.


Paragraph Outline

1 Topic sentence
  a. Supporting idea
  b. Supporting idea
  c. Supporting idea
2 Concluding sentence


Essay Outline

1 Introductory paragraph Example
a. Introductory topic sentence
(Statement of subject and main point.)
Victoria is a beautiful city to live in and to visit because of its geographic location, beautiful gardens, interesting things to do, and comfortable lifestyle.
2 Body paragraphs  
a. Subtopic — topic sentence
(Location and description)
Supporting detail 1 West coast, island
Supporting detail 2 Climate
Supporting detail 3 Gardens, parks, cleanliness
b. Subtopic — topic sentence Tourism
Supporting detail 1 Sports and tours
Supporting detail 2 Outdoor activities, climate
Supporting detail 3 Shopping
Supporting detail 4 Special attractions and entertainment
c. Subtopic — topic sentence Lifestyle
Supporting detail 1 Healthy climate
Supporting detail 2 Outdoor activities
Supporting detail 3 Good standard of living, house ownership, secure jobs
Supporting detail 4 Arts, entertainment and shopping
3 Concluding sentence  
a. Summary or reinforcement of main points With temperate weather for most of the year, healthy activities, and interesting attractions, Victoria is both a favourite tourist destination and a comfortable place to live.