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A gerund is the -ing form of a verb. It is used as a noun in a sentence.


Online gaming is fun.


A gerund —

  • is used in the same way a noun is used. For example, it can be used as
    • the subject of a verb,
    • the object of a verb, or
    • the object of a preposition.
  • is used after certain verbs, for example, “finish”, “enjoy”, “suggest”, “quit”, “avoid”, “consider”, “keep”, etc.
  • is used after the verb “go” to express recreational activities, for example, go browsing the Internet, go surfing Web sites, go hiking, go camping, go swimming.
  • is used after certain expressions, for example,
    • expressions of time: spend time shopping online, waste time surfing online, or
    • expressions of place: sit in front of the computer doing homework.
  • is used with verbs of perception, for example, “hear”, “see”, and “feel”.
  • can express the negative when “not” is placed before it.
  • can be used in the past and passive forms.
  • can change its form when modified by a possessive.