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Count and Non-Count Nouns


Nouns are divided into two groups; nouns that can be counted, and nouns that cannot be counted.


I have five DVDs on my desk. (count)

I have paper on my desk. (non-count)


Count nouns —

  • can be counted (1 DVD, 2 DVDs, 3 DVDs ...).
  • have singular and plural forms (1 DVD, 2 DVDs , 3 DVDs).
  • use -s or -es in plural forms.
  • use definite articles and indefinite articles.

Non-count nouns —

  • cannot be counted (memory, software, bandwidth).
  • have only one form (memory, software, bandwidth); NOT1 memory, 2 softwares, 3 bandwidths”.
  • are followed by a singular verb.
  • can be counted by using “of” (“a piece of software or a sheet of paper”)
  • use definite articles or no article.