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University of VictoriaIntroduction to IT English
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More than one is a plural. Plural nouns have different forms than singular nouns.


Jason has one scanner, and I have two printers.


Plurals —

  • have regular forms:
    • Add “s” to a singular noun.
      telephone to telephones, book to books, file to files, job to jobs
    • Add “es” to words ending in “-s”, “-z”, “-x”, “-ch”, “-sh”.
      fax to faxes, digital watch to digital watches, hoax to hoaxes, satellite dish to satellite dishes
    • Change “y” to “i” and add “es” to words ending in consonant + “y”.
      technology to technologies, IT security to IT securities, copy to copies, floppy to floppies
  • have irregular forms:
    • Change some words ending in “f” to “v” and add “es”.
      identity thief to identity thieves, bookshelf to bookshelves
    • Do not change some words.
      spam, deer, sheep
    • Add (r)en to some words.
      child to children
    • Change some words completely.
      foot to feet, man to men, woman to women, mouse to mice