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Web Sites that May Help You

The following Web sites may help you understand unfamiliar ideas or words. They may be useful during the course or later, when you explore information technology on your own.

IT Glossaries

These Web sites explain information technology terms, such as “packet switching”. They also explain information technology acronyms, such as “AGP”.

You can also visit the Glossary for this course.


If there is an English word you want to learn to pronounce or define, this Web site may help:


If you need more information about any topic, try this free online encyclopedia. It covers information technology and other subjects, such as history, literature, and biology.

Search Engine

A search engine finds Web sites related to words you pick. See Unit 7 for advice on using a search engine.

  • Google <>


A directory is a list of Web sites organized by humans. Directories list fewer sites than search engines, but they can have more useful results. Directories are best for general topics, such as “hardware” or “word processors”.