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University of VictoriaIntroduction to IT English
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Course Description and Objectives

Introduction to IT English covers computer technology concepts in everyday life situations. It will introduce technology related terminology in situational conversations, helping students to increase their fluency in reading, listening comprehension, and writing skills. The course will present the concepts and the language needed to understand, analyze, and summarize conversations in an environment where certain specialized terminology is used. The activities in this course will make use of technologies such as audio and video to further illustrate the concepts and lessons.

When you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Comprehend conversations, discussions, instructions, or reports containing specialized vocabulary in an IT related environment at a normal rate of speech
  • Understand specific grammatical terms and apply them to IT related concepts
  • Read and prepare basic summaries of documents and articles containing technical jargon
  • Understand and apply the most frequently used rules of spelling, punctuation, and capitalization to technical jargon
  • Write short e-mail messages and brief descriptive paragraphs
  • Write a focused topic sentence in a unified, coherent paragraph
  • Recognize vocabulary items learned in lessons when encountered in a variety of aural situations
  • Explain the purpose of different types of software, hardware, and peripherals
  • Describe how IT devices other than computers, such as point-of-sale scanners, are used to produce, gather and study data about everyday life
  • Give an overview of how the Internet and other networks work
  • Explain how Web sites are created
  • Be familiar with the conventions of communicating online
  • Describe different IT careers and their requirements