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University of VictoriaIntroduction to IT English
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How to Work Through Each Unit

This section provides the steps you need to follow in order to complete each unit. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your tutor.

  1. Choose the unit link from the left menu bar to go to the unit contents page. Follow the “Introduction” link. This takes you to the introduction to the unit.
  2. At the top and bottom of each page you will see navigation arrows.
  3. Use the arrow pointing to the right to go to the Objectives page. Read the objectives of the unit.
  4. Use the arrows to move through each page in the unit.
  5. Use the arrows to continue through the following sections of the unit:
    • IT Lesson — Read the IT Lesson and do the Practice Exercises. The Practice Exercises will help you practise the concepts in the unit.
    • Language Lesson — In Listening Comprehension, listen to the dialogue and follow the instructions. Answer the comprehension questions. Then read the language lesson and do the Practice Exercises.
    • Unit Review — The Unit Review tests your comprehension of the lessons. Two sets of comprehension questions will help you understand the concepts in the unit. They have explanations for each answer. Test your knowledge of new vocabulary in the Vocabulary Review and then read the Discussion Questions. Post your responses to the Discussion Questions in your conference on the WebBoard.
    • Assignments — Complete each assignment according to the Course Schedule.