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University of VictoriaIntroduction to IT English
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Watch the following video. You do not need to understand every word, just the main idea.

The video is presented in Windows Media™ Format. To begin, click the play button (Windows Media Play button) on the video below. If no play button is visible, follow the instructions on the Windows Media™ Web site to download the free player.

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Anna and Ben are two international students who are going to be sharing a house during the first year of their computing degree. They have just finished the first session of their first computing class.

Anna: This class is so crowded! When my parents were in university, computers were practically a secret club. Now everybody’s taking this course.

Ben: I wish there were more people who were taking it.

Anna: What? Why?

Ben: If more people understood computers, they wouldn’t always be asking us for help!

Anna: Oh, you like it.

Ben: I do think more people should be learning about computers. It’s better to learn about computers than to watch television. There’s so much to learn about the Internet, games, and music.

Anna: And what about work? There are a lot of old tools that are being replaced by computers.

Ben: Tools? Do you mean tools such as typewriters?

Anna: More than that. Last week, my doctor showed me an X-ray with no film — the image existed only in the computer. That movie you and I saw last week, half of it would have been created in the computer. The architect who designed the new auditorium would have used a computer instead of a drafting table.

Ben: Spreadsheet software instead of ledgers. Database software instead of filing cabinets.

Anna: All these people rely on the same tool.

Ben: I suppose that computers only seem like one tool. Really, software makes the same computer into thousands of different tools.

Anna: So in the morning it helps do your office payroll, and at night it makes an album for your band. Some tool!