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University of VictoriaIntroduction to IT English
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IT Exercise 4

This exercise tests your knowledge of the concepts you just learned. Choose the best answer.

1. Type the best answer in the text box.

Having computers work together to solve a problem is called computing.

2. What does data mining mean?

Finding gold and other minerals with software
Finding patterns in data with software
Finding people you might like, using software
Checking your information for errors

3. If you use software to simulate an event, you are __________.

recording video of the real world
finding a place in the real world
sending video live over the internet
building a model of something real

4. Check all the things computers can do to help make movies. (More than one answer may be correct.)

Rewrite a screenplay to make it more exciting
Animate a drawing
Add an animated character to a live-action movie
Translate the dialogue automatically into French
Decide where animated characters should move