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University of VictoriaIntroduction to IT English
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IT Exercise 5

This exercise tests your knowledge of the concepts you just learned. Choose the best answer.

1. Programmers create software by writing instructions known as __________.

encryption code
HTML code
machine code
source code

2. To a human, machine code would look like __________.

numbers from 0 to 9
ones and zeroes
scrambled words
dots, spaces, and dashes

3. Type the best answer in the text box.

Java, C++, and Perl are names of languages.

4. A software program that changes source code to machine code is a(n) __________.


5. Computers work with software in which form?

A programming language, such as C++
Source code
Machine code

6. To a computer, the on-and-off signals of machine code are __________.

numbers and math symbols and words
numbers and math symbols