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University of VictoriaIntroduction to IT English
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Language Exercise 1

From the list of words, choose the best verb to complete the sentence. Click on the word and then click on the text box in the matching sentence. This exercise has two parts.

For example,

the program.  |  Correct.

Word List 1

filter | controls | command | edit | install | calculate | execute

  1. Word is a common type of word-processing software that you can use to your writing.
  2. It is possible to the computer to save files every five minutes.
  3. When I want to my taxes, I can use a spreadsheet.
  4. The operating system the interaction between the software and hardware on your computer.
  5. Some types of software can out viruses or unwanted e-mail.
  6. The operating system lets you software onto your computer.

Word List 2

run | manipulate | write | program | provide | search | send | simulate

  1. I will the photo to make it clearer.
  2. There are many games that real life.
  3. This company will the best Internet connection.
  4. It is possible to more than one program at a time.
  5. You can for any kind of information on the Internet.
  6. My teacher will my assignment to me by e-mail.
  7. They can the computer to do almost anything.