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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available

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For each of the following questions, listen to a speaker say the beginning of a sentence. Listen for signs that the speaker is going to talk about an opinion, a cause or effect, or a difference or similarity. Then, choose the best ending for the sentence. You can click on “Read the words” to see the speaker’s words if necessary.

  1. Read the words

    Winter days are cold and windy. In contrast, ____________________.

  2. Read the words

    I got a good job. Consequently, ____________________.

  3. Read the words

    As far as I'm concerned, ____________________.

  4. Read the words

    My son is an excellent athlete. Therefore, ____________________.

  5. Read the words

    Thanks to the bad storm, ____________________.

  6. Read the words

    My dog loses a lot of hair. Similarly, ____________________.

  7. Read the words

    Whereas the rest of my family enjoys watching cooking shows on TV, ____________________.

  8. Read the words

    It seems to me that ____________________.

  9. Read the words

    My brother is really tall, and so is ____________________.

  10. Read the words

    The bus was full, so ____________________.