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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available

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New Words

In this lesson’s presentation, you are going to listen to a conversation between two people. You will hear the words in the following list when you listen to the presentation.

Click on the words and then listen to the sentences. The sentences will help you understand what the words mean and how they are used.

  • simulation
  • They used chocolate syrup to simulate blood in the movie.

    The government staged a simulated disaster scene in order to test the readiness of the emergency personnel and procedures.

    Many people feel that scientific tests could be done using computer simulations instead of live animals.

    The astronauts practised on the flight simulator for months.

  • potential
  • Yukiko looked at the photos of four potential husbands that the matchmaker gave her parents.

    This new company has the potential to become very profitable soon.

  • revolutionize
  • The Americans won their liberty from the British in a revolution.

    The government has been successful in chasing the revolutionaries into the countryside.

    The use of robots has revolutionized the car industry.

    Coretta Scott King once said that one of the most revolutionary changes in the 20th century was the rapid increase of women in leadership roles throughout society.

  • isolation
  • He injured himself while hiking in an isolated area of the province, and died because he couldn't get the proper medical care in time.

    The prisoner was held in isolation for three days after attacking a guard.

    It is important to isolate patients with infectious diseases so that others will not become sick.

  • engage
  • Police have long suspected him of engaging in the illegal drug trade.

    The engineer was engaged in inspecting the bridge when the accident occurred.

  • interactive
  • Songs and story books are wonderful ways for parents to interact with their children.

    Studies of the interaction of bees show that they have a very sophisticated social system.

    The increasing sophistication of video graphics is making computer games more and more interactive.

  • chatroom
  • Sandi likes to communicate with her friends in an internet chatroom every evening.

  • collaborating
  • After the defeat of the military government, a number of alleged collaborators were killed by an angry mob.

    Teenage activist Craig Kielburger has observed that youth want to have the opportunity to sit side-by-side with adults, to collaborate, and to work together on social issues.

    The musical collaboration of John Lennon and Paul McCartney produced some of the most popular songs of our era.

    We are working together on a collaborative research project.

  • cutting-edge
  • By using cutting-edge technology, our company has built the best car in the world.

  • motivate
  • Students feel more motivated to learn when they enjoy what they are doing.

    Strong motivation is an important factor in learning a new skill.

    The players felt kind of unmotivated before the game because they knew the other team was much stronger.

    Harry tried hard to motivate his daughter to clean up her room.

    Sixty-nine percent of American workers say they find praise and recognition from their bosses more motivating than money.