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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available

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Lesson 1 Review

Comprehension Check

Type short answers to the following questions in the spaces provided. Then, click on “Read the answer” to check your answer. If you do not understand some of the questions, review the lesson and listen to the presentation again.

  1. What is the government buying for schools?

    Read the answer

    Video games

  2. Jennifer mentions five organizations or occupations that use video game technology to train people. What are they?

    Read the answer

    The military, airline pilots, other drivers, surgeons, and engineers

  3. What does Bob's son do on Saturdays?

    Read the answer

    He sits in his pyajamas playing computer games for hours, without eating or talking or exercising.

  4. Jennifer mentions four complicated tasks that children might do in video games. What are they?

    Read the answer

    Building cities, developing whole civilizations, creating new identities, and designing cars

  5. According to Jennifer, how do video games encourage children to read and write?

    Read the answer

    They have to read in order to play the games, and they read and write with other players in chatrooms. They also read books about topics they discovered in the games.

  6. What does Jennifer think could happen if the government tries to make cheap games for schools?

    Read the answer

    The games will be boring, and will not motivate the children to develop their skills.