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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available

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New Words

In this lesson’s presentation, you are going to listen to a radio show called “Is Television Educational for Babies?”. You will hear the words in the following list when you watch the video.

Click on the words and then listen to the sentences. The sentences will help you understand what the words mean and how they are used.

  • infant
  • The man seated next to me on the plane was able to stop his infant from crying, so I had a good flight.

    Certain diseases can be life-threatening if they are contracted during infancy or old age.

    My boss screams, throws things, and engages in other infantile behaviour, so I’m quitting my job.

  • neglect
  • I neglected to do my homework, so my teacher scolded me.

    The babysitter was negligent when she left the children unattended while they played outside.

    In rural areas of Ecuador, governmental neglect in providing proper sewer and water systems caused unhealthy living conditions for many years.

    Your mother will feel neglected if you don't take her out for lunch for her birthday.

  • stimulate
  • Their children felt more stimulated to learn a second language after they had visited Europe.

    Children need mental stimulation in order to develop intellectually.

    Anne Morrow Lindbergh once said that good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.

    The government is hoping their new tax cuts will help to stimulate growth in the economy.

  • intellectual
  • He is more interested in a woman's body than in her intellect.

    Studies have shown that the intellectual development of children can be damaged by poor nutrition.

    Working as a janitor pays well, but I certainly don't find it very intellectually challenging.

    He gave a speech to an audience of artists and leading intellectuals in Polish society.

  • crucial
  • It is crucial that you get regular exercise if you want to lose weight.

    Knowing how to use a computer is a crucial skill in today's professional job market.

  • nurture
  • Her mother was a very nurturing person who spent all her time with her children.

    The nurturing of children in our society is carried out increasingly by both parents.

    Janice was able to nurture the sick tree back to good health.

  • logical
  • I don't understand the logic of your arguments.

    If you approach the situation logically, rather than emotionally, you can make a much fairer decision.

    It is not logical to think that someone will do something just because you think it is the best thing to do.

  • creative
  • The fashion world awaits her newest creations with a great deal of excitement.

    Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, wrote many popular spy novels.

    Jane paints fruit baskets as a creative outlet for her stressful life.

    A department store spokesman says that their new outlet will create more than 75 permanent jobs in the city.

  • image
  • In the Muslim religion, it is forbidden to make any images of God, so mosques are decorated with quotes from the Koran rather than pictures of religious figures.

    Terrence does not project the kind of image we want associated with this company, and he must be replaced.

  • pattern
  • She was wearing a beautiful white dress with a lovely pattern of red roses on it.

    Police are studying the five murders to see if there is a pattern which would suggest they were all committed by the same person.

    Ho Chi Minh patterned the Vietnamese Declaration of Independence after that of the United States.

  • beneficial
  • One of the benefits of studying English in Victoria is that you have the opportunity to speak English outside of class.

    Learning English has been very beneficial to my career.

    There are many benefits to a good diet.

    The government is offering more programs which benefit low income families.

  • toddler
  • My toddler has been walking for a few months, and now he’s learning how to talk.

    Jane likes to babysit toddlers because they are so active and cute.