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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available

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Vocabulary Practice

New Words

Click on a word from the list and then click on the correct blank to complete each sentence.

creativity | crucial | infant | intellectual | nurturing | neglecting | benefits | images | stimulating | toddler | pattern | logical

  1. Chess is an intellectually game, requiring analytical skill in strategic moves.
  2. Our art classes can help you develop your .
  3. No one is too old to enjoy the of regular physical activity.
  4. Many of the in the movie were created on computers.
  5. He failed a couple of exams, and now has to repeat the entire year.
  6. The way to reduce the number of cars on the road would be to make mass transit more attractive.
  7. No one has ever discovered two snowflakes with exactly the same crystal .
  8. They were accused of their children after the kids repeatedly arrived at school improperly dressed for the cold weather.
  9. Research shows that children who are fed and housed, but do not receive loving care, do not do as well as those raised in a more environment.
  10. Ralph is an who enjoys talking about books and politics with other smart people.
  11. We took hundreds of pictures of our during her first few months of life.
  12. Our is eager to be old enough to go to school with her big sisters and brothers.