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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available

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Gerunds and Infinitives

For each of the following questions, listen to a speaker talking. A gerund or infinitive is missing. Choose the word that the speaker probably said. You can click on “Read the words” if necessary.

  1. Read the words

    I’m a vegetarian now. I stopped __________ meat ten years ago.

  2. Read the words

    We started __________ at five o’clock.

  3. Read the words

    I went back home to check if the oven was on, because I didn’t remember __________ it off.

  4. Read the words

    I tried __________ the mountain, but I wasn’t strong enough.

  5. Read the words

    I tried __________ I was too sick to work, but the boss still didn’t let me stay home.

  6. Read the words

    You should avoid __________ down hills, because it is bad for your knees.

  7. Read the words

    I hope __________ you again.

  8. Read the words

    She works really hard, so she really deserves __________.

  9. Read the words

    That team is not capable of __________.

  10. Read the words

    After __________, take a shower.