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Gerunds and Infinitives

For each question, listen to a speaker talking. The speaker’s words are written below, but some gerunds and infinitives are missing. Fill in the blanks with the exact words that the speaker says. As you fill in the blanks, think about why the speaker used a gerund or an infinitive. “Check Answers” will erase any incorrect answers and leave the correct ones.

  1. I work full-time and I have children. Last September, I started to university part-time, too. I delayed to university until then because I was enjoying time with my children. Now, after for a few months, I almost regret university. I’m not doing well in my classes. I just can’t focus on . For example, when I’m reading my textbooks, I’m not really thinking about the information I’m reading. Instead, I’m thinking about my job or my kids. The professors often think I forget my books, but that’s not true! I just forget everything that I read. One of my professors has promised me learn on my studies. I hope .

  2. My job is so challenging that, a couple of years ago, I considered . I didn’t want everything I’d worked for, though, so instead of , I went to my boss and asked some time off. I promised back to work ready the challenges. While I was off work, I took a course about stress. I learned calm even when things are very busy. When I came back to work, I was prepared peaceful and my work well. Now, I start every day by deeply and my mind. Every day after lunch, I breathe deeply and clear my mind again. My boss and I are both happy that I learned and do my job.

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