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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available

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Unit 1 Review

Comprehension Check

Type short answers to the following questions in the spaces provided. Then, click on “Read the answer” to check your answer. If you do not understand some of the questions, review the unit and listen to the presentation again.

  1. How does Dad feel about his piano playing?

    Read the answer


  2. How long has Dad been playing the piano?

    Read the answer

    One year

  3. What is Joanne working on at the university?

    Read the answer

    Her Master's degree

  4. How old are Joanne and her dad?

    Read the answer

    Joanne is forty-four and her dad is seventy.

  5. What is Dad's philosophy about life and learning?

    Read the answer

    If you're not learning, you're not really living.

  6. Why did Dad learn to ride a bike?

    Read the answer

    So he could teach Joanne

  7. Why did Dad learn to build houses?

    Read the answer

    His friend offered to show him how, and he decided to do it because he didn't want to pass up the opportunity.

  8. How old was Dad when he decided to learn Japanese?

    Read the answer


  9. Why did Dad learn photography?

    Read the answer

    He wanted to take pictures of his first granddaughter.

  10. How does Dad feel about his life of learning?

    Read the answer

    He feels good. He has no regrets.