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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available

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Introductory Video

Watch the video of five friends. The friends are having a conversation at the gym. Their conversation is about entertainment. You will study issues about entertainment in this unit.

If you can’t see the video, you can open the video in your media player.

Read the Words

Verna: There are a lot of good shows on television these days!

Lena: Yeah, I know! Did you see the show “Doctors” last night?

Verna: Of course I saw “Doctors”! I always watch “Doctors” on Thursday night. I love that show!

Lena: Me, too.

Verna: But my favourite show is “Beautiful Neighbours”.

Lena: On Sunday nights?

Verna: Yeah. That’s a great show.

Lena: I like that show, too. But my favourite show is “We’re Lost!”, on Wednesday nights.

Verna: Oh, yeah, I love that show, too.  You know, I watch television too much! Three shows every week! That’s bad!

Lena: Oh, don’t worry about it, Verna! Television is good entertainment! Just enjoy it!

Everyone: Hi guys ... Hi everyone ... Hey, how’s it going?

Verna: Did you have a good game?

Charlie: We had a great game! Ted won — he plays really well!

Ted: Charlie plays well, too! I won this time, but Charlie played a great game!

Charlie: Thanks, Ted.

Jay: Well really, you both won, because you enjoyed the game.

Charlie: That’s right, Jay.

Charlie: Hey, Ted — Lena’s alone over there. Go talk to her!

Ted: Mmmmm...

Charlie: Go! Go! Go talk to her!

Ted: Okay, okay!

Ted: I really like doing exercises.

Lena: I enjoy exercising, too. I do exercises every day.

Ted: Me, too.  Uh, Lena ... do you want to go see that new movie with me? You know, that movie called “Die Fighting”?

Lena: Oh, no, Ted, I don’t like that kind of movie. I want to see that other new movie ... you know ... the movie called “Funny Love”.

Ted: Oh. Hmm. I don’t want to see that movie. But I’d like to do something with you. We always exercise together. Let’s do something else!

Lena: Okay, Ted.

Ted: Would you like to meet me at the Sports Bar for a drink tonight?

Lena: Sure!

Ted: Eight o’clock?

Lena: Great! I’ll see you there!