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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available

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New Words

You are going to listen to two people talking. The people will use the words in this list. Click on the words. You will see the words in sentences. You can hear the sentences, too. These sentences will help you learn the words.

  • romantic
  • Maya and Eric had a romantic dinner with wine, flowers, and candles on their anniversary.

    Charlie and Erica keep romance in their lives with frequent gifts of love.

  • comedy
  • Paul laughed during the entire comedy show on television.

    Oscar is a comedian who tells jokes to make people laugh.

  • scene
  • Most of the scenes in the movie are on the island, but in some scenes the actors are on the boat.

    Many visitors enjoy the scenic drive by the ocean where they can see many beautiful views of the water.

  • theatre
  • My brother took me to the theatre to see a play called Romeo and Juliet.

  • chase
  • Our cat loves to chase mice in the garden, but he doesn’t always catch the mice.

  • crash
  • The driver in one car saw the car in front but she could not stop before the two cars crashed.

    I heard a loud crashing sound when Billy dropped the glass.

  • explosion
  • The bomb exploded when it touched the ground.

    The man caused an explosion by smoking a cigarette near the gas.

  • hero
  • The firefighter is a hero because he stopped the fire and saved my daughter’s cat.

  • evil
  • My evil neighbour is always unkind to people and animals.

  • character
  • Superman is a cartoon character who has a lot of strength and superpowers.

    Her kind and friendly character is the reason so many people like her.