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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available

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New Words

You are going to listen to two people talking. The people will use the words in this list. Click on the words. You will see the words in sentences. You can hear the sentences, too. These sentences will help you learn the words.

  • spare
  • Inez has a spare tire in her car so if she has a problem with one tire, she can replace it with the extra one.

  • hobby
  • Brianna has many hobbies like photography, knitting, and cooking.

  • amateur
  • Sharon is a professional photographer, but I am only an amateur so I don’t get paid for the pictures I take.

  • fulfilling
  • Geri thinks spending time helping children in school is fulfilling because it makes her feel satisfied.

  • recreation
  • The recreation centre has a swimming pool, tennis courts, and two gymnasiums.

  • collecting
  • I always get coins from new countries to add to my coin collection.

    Sandra collects key chains from all over the world and she keeps them in a special box.

  • stamp
  • Richard bought two stamps so he could send the letter to his mother.

  • boring
  • Ana told me that it wasn’t an exciting movie, but I did not think it would be so boring!

    The bored child could not find anything fun to do in the office because there were no toys for him to play with.

  • knowledge
  • Valerie knows a lot about airplanes so I want her to share some of her knowledge with me because I would like to learn more about airplanes.

    The Knowledge Channel on television has many interesting educational programs.

  • popular
  • Many Canadians travel to Mexico on holiday because it is a popular destination that people enjoy visiting.