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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available

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Vocabulary Practice

New Words

Choose the best word to complete each sentence. Click on a word in the list and then click on the box in the correct sentence.

spare | hobbies | amateur | fulfilling | recreation | collecting | stamp | boring | knowledge | popular

  1. George keeps all his coins in a bowl beside his bed.
  2. Holly has much about Mexican culture because she studied Mexican Language and Culture at university.
  3. I almost fell asleep in my class today because it was very .
  4. Joshua is an excellent baseball player, but he isn’t good enough to play professionally and will stay as an .
  5. Olivia thinks gardening is because she feels so satisfied when she sees the flowers and vegetables grow.
  6. Rodney needs a to send the letter.
  7. Skiing in Canada is a sport because there are many places to ski in a country where many people like to ski.
  8. Tessa has more free time for her , gardening and woodworking, now that she has graduated university.
  9. The children went to all the houses in the neighbourhood money for their class trip to Vancouver.
  10. The small town has many activities: swimming, hiking, and skiing.