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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available

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New Words

You are going to watch a video. The people in the video will use the words in this list. Click on the words. You will see the words in sentences. You can hear the sentences, too. These sentences will help you learn the words.

  • teams
  • When we played soccer in school, there were five people on each team and two teams played at the same time.

  • darts
  • My mother does not allow us to play darts in the house because when we throw the dart at the target we often miss and make small holes in the walls.

  • pool
  • John put ten dollars on the table and bet the other player that he could hit all the balls into the pool table pockets.

  • strategies
  • Yuri’s strategy to learn vocabulary included learning five new words everyday, reading newspapers, and writing a journal.

    Food commercials are strategically shown during the dinner hour.

  • points
  • We had twenty points and the other team had ten points so se won the basketball game by ten points.

  • opponents
  • The national team has many games against other national teams, but the team from China is the toughest opponent.

  • score
  • The final score of the game was 1-0 for the other team.

  • victory
  • Jin Ma practiced very hard and was rewarded with a victory in the game.

  • skill
  • Rebecca’s coach says that her soccer skills make her one of the best players in the league.

  • competitive
  • Marc is so competitive that he is not satisfied unless he is the winner all the time.

    Kirsty likes to compete in running races every weekend, but she doesn’t always win the race.