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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available

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Vocabulary Practice

New Words

Choose the best word to complete each sentence. Click on a word in the list and then click on the box in the correct sentence.

team | darts | pool | strategy | points | opponent | score | victory | skills | competitive

  1. Xerez is a very person who wants to win and be the best in everything she does.
  2. All the teams tried hard to win because they wanted .
  3. Her next in the tournament is a tennis player from Russia.
  4. In the basketball game “twenty-one”, players need twenty-one to win.
  5. My friends and I prefer going to Nick’s Pub because they have ten tables and we like to try to get all the balls into the pockets.
  6. Our basketball has two players who are over two hundred centimetres tall!
  7. Our team won the game with a of seventeen points.
  8. Sabine has many baseball like hitting the ball, catching the ball, and running around the bases.
  9. Steven likes playing in the bar more than he likes playing cards because he likes to stand and he can throw well.
  10. The boss’s is to make sure that each employee is valued and feels important to the company.