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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available

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Unit 1 Review

Comprehension Check

Type short answers to the following questions in the spaces provided. Then, click on “Save Answers” to check your answer. If you do not understand some of the questions, review the unit and listen to the presentation again.

  1. What is Gus building?

    Read the answer

    An entertainment centre
  2. Who is Gus building something for?

    Read the answer

    His mom
  3. What does his mom want the thing for?

    Read the answer

    She wants to put her TV, DVD player, and DVDs in it.
  4. Why is Dad worried about Mom?

    Read the answer

    Mom watches too much TV.
  5. What does Gus decide to do?

    Read the answer

    Gus decides to destroy the entertainment centre and build Mom a boat.