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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available

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New Words

In this lesson's presentation, you are going to listen to a short lecture called “The Aging Population”. You will hear the words in the following list when you listen to the lecture.

Click on the words and then listen to the sentences. The sentences will help you understand what the words mean and how they are used.

  • retired

    My dad is retired now, so he has more time to spend at home.

    He retired after forty-five years with the same company.

    I’m working hard now because I want to take an early retirement.

  • elderly

    Her elderly uncle still rides his bicycle, even though he is over ninety years old.

    Aboriginal cultures hold a great deal of respect for the elders of their people.

  • senior

    Kimberly’s grandmother lives in a seniors’ home because she needs a lot of medical care.

    Koreans respect people who are senior to them in age.

    A lot of seniors live in my city because people like to move here after they retire.

  • citizen

    He lives and works in New Zealand, but he is still a citizen of the U.S.

    I think you have to live in Canada for at least three years before you can take your citizenship exam.

  • society

    It is quite common for unmarried couples to live together in Canadian society.

    Sonya is very shy and finds it difficult to be in social situations.

    It is socially unacceptable to wear a hat indoors in my culture.

  • support

    My parents supported me when I studied abroad.

    My company has been very supportive of my efforts to learn English.

    Thanks for your support — I couldn’t have done the job without your help.