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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available

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Linking the Same Sounds

Listen to the conversation between Verna Green and her girlfriend. Fill in the blanks with the exact words that Verna and her friend are saying. You must use correct spelling. The blanks all contain two words that are linked because they have the same sounds. Click on “Check Answers” to erase incorrect answers and leave correct ones.

Verna: I’m going out on a with Bill Smith.

Girlfriend: Verna! You can’t go out on a date! You’re married!

Verna: I know , but my love me any more.

Girlfriend: That’s .

Verna: Yes, it is true. , .

Girlfriend: How do you know he doesn’t love you?

Verna: Well, he listens to me or spends time with me any more.

Girlfriend: But that’s probably because he much. He tired that he can’t do anything with you.

Verna: No. I’m just not him any more.

Now, click on the phrases to hear a speaker reading the answers to the exercise you just finished.