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Linking Consonant and Vowel Sounds

Listen to the telephone conversation between Alphonse and Verna Green. Fill in the blanks with the exact words that Alphonse and Verna are saying. You must use correct spelling. The blanks all contain two words that are linked because of consonant and vowel sounds. “Check Answers” will erase any incorrect answers and leave the correct ones.

Verna: Hello?

Alphonse: Hi, Verna. Alphonse.

Verna: Oh, hi.

Alphonse: Sorry, can’t from the office tonight.

Verna: Oh.

Alphonse: Yeah. something downtown near the office.

Verna: Okay.

Alphonse: So, I’ll probably very late, has gone to bed.

Verna: Actually, I won’t be . The parents’ committee meeting is tonight, the meeting, I have to help .

Alphonse: Oh. Okay. See you tomorrow, then. Tell the love them.

Verna: Okay. Bye.

Alphonse: Bye.

Now, click on the phrases to hear a speaker reading the answers to the exercise you just finished.