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ARCHIVED SAMPLE - course no longer available

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New Words

In this lesson's presentation, you are going to watch a video called “Marital Problems”. You will hear the words in the following list when you watch the video.

Click on the words and then listen to the sentences. The sentences will help you understand what the words mean and how they are used.

  • marital

    My parents are having some marital difficulties, but they’re not going to get divorced.

    Swarna lived with her parents in Sri Lanka until she got married, and then she and her husband moved to England to make their marital home.

    What is your marital status: married, single, or divorced?

  • married

    The girl’s parents don’t want her to get married yet because they think she and her boyfriend are too young.

    My wife and I have been married for thirty years.

    I am married, so I wear a wedding ring on my left hand.

  • marriage

    After forty years of marriage, the couple is getting a divorce.

    Both the husband and wife have to work hard if they want to have a happy marriage.

    Bob never considered marriage until he fell in love with Carol.

  • communication

    A teacher needs to have good communication skills in order to do her job well.

    My son communicates with his classmates by e-mail during the summer holidays.

    Because Leung is such a communicative person, talking very easily with everyone, he knows a lot of people.

  • unfaithful

    A married man is being unfaithful to his wife if he goes to bed with another woman.

    In the culture of Zaire, women are expected to be faithful, but men can have many wives or girlfriends.

    Donna’s unfaithfulness was a big problem in her marriage.

  • affair

    She divorced her husband after she discovered he was having an affair with her best friend.

    After a long affair with her married employer, Anna decided that she wanted to date younger, unmarried men instead.

    Teachers must never carry on affairs with their students.