"It" and "There"

Type all the correct answers in the gaps. Complete the sentences using "there" or "it" and the verb "to be". Use words such as, "there is", "it is", "is there", "is it", "there was", "it was", and "was it".

If you see a star before the number, the sentence is a question. Type all your answers and click on "Check answers". Use capital letters at the beginning of the sentence. If you need help, you can click on "Show a letter" to get a free letter.
1. many Japanese students in our class.
2. a long way from UVic to downtown.
3. cold today.
4. a beautiful flower in the garden.
5. raining today.
*6. many people in your family?
*7. a test last week?
8. a car outside. red.
*9. nice yesterday?
10. expensive to shop at the Bay.
11. a storm coming.
12. cloudy today.