Modals of Necessity 2 - Must, Have got to, Have to

Use the best modal to complete each sentence. You may need to include the subject of the sentence in some of the answers. Read the sentences carefully to see who the subject is and what tense is used.

Type all of your answers in the spaces and then and click on "Check answers". If you need help, click "Show a letter".
1. New drivers take a test in order to get a driver's license. They have no choice.
2. A: go to work today? B: No, I don't because it's Sunday.
3. John finish the report quickly because the deadline is today at 4 pm.
4. A: Jennifer lost her passport. get a new one? B: No, she . She found it in her purse.
5. I'm sorry, Mom. I call you back later. My cell phone battery is dying.
6. Canadians pay taxes every year. It's the law.
7. Sasha email her homework to her teacher because she forgot to take it to class yesterday.
8. A: Does Joseph study very much tonight? B: No, he doesn't. He reviewed a lot last night and he understood everything well.
9. Barbara go to the supermarket because she doesn't have enough food for dinner.