Adverbs of Manner 2

For each space, type in the best adverb from the list.

Choose all of your answers and then click on "Check answers".
   badly      hard      heavily      late      later      loudly      quietly      seriously      silently      slowly      successfully      well   
1. I think I am a good singer and I like to sing. When people say that I sing , it makes me happy.
2. We asked our teacher to speak more because she always spoke too and we couldn't hear her at all.
3. It's very important to work when studying another language. Don't give up!
4. The robber lifted the window so nobody could hear him as he entered the house.
5. Sara completed her Master's Degree in Business. Isn't that great?
6. A: Did her airplane arrive last night? B: Yes, it did. It arrived much than she expected.
7. It was raining so this morning that we cancelled the picnic.
8. A: How do you think you did on the test today? B: Oh, terrible! I think I did quite . I didn't study and I don't really understand the grammar.
9. Darren is a slow eater. He eats so that he's always the last one at the dinner table.
10. The dog was injured in the accident, but it recovered and is healthy now.