The Future with "Will" 2

Type the correct form of the verb in brackets in each box. You must decide whether the verb should be in the simple present tense, or if WILL should be used.

Type all of your answers in the spaces and the and click on "Check answers". If you need help, click "Show a letter".
girls talkingJunko: (help) me with my homework tonight?
Mei-Li: Sure! I always (watch) Seinfeld at seven. I (come) over after it's finished. (need) a dictionary?
Junko: If we do, I have a good dictionary at home. How (get) here?
Mei-Li: I (not know). Do you think it (rain)?
Junko: I (not think) so.
Mei-Li: I (walk) then.
Junko: OK. I (see) you later!
Mei-Li: Bye!