Possessive Pronouns and Adjectives 2

Look at the picture, and complete the sentences with the words in the word list below.

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   her      hers      his      His      my      our      ours      their   
Volkswagen carThe Mysterious Volkswagen

Last week, we had a party at house. Many people came, and there were lots of cars parked outside. At the end of the party, only three people were left: myself, Eric, and Cathy. However, there were four cars. One of them was a Volkswagen. I didn't remember seeing it before, so I asked whose it was.

Eric said it wasn't car. is a Chevrolet pickup. When I asked Cathy if it was , she said no — car is a Ford Explorer. I knew it wasn't car, of course. Finally, I called the police, and they came and examined it. They said it belonged to a family on the next street. Someone stole it from street and left it on .