Raven and the First People: Summarizing the Story

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   afraid      arms      beach      behaviour      bored      boredom      brought      chiton      clamshell      creatures      faces      female      fun      humans      men      play      sound      spoke      voice      walking      wanted      watches   
Raven was . He to have some , but he didn't have anyone to with. As he was along the , he heard a strange that was coming from a lying in the sand. Raven saw that there were little inside the clamshell. The creatures seemed of him, so he to them in a gentle and coaxed them out. When they came out, he saw that they had with mouths instead of beaks, and and legs. These creatures were the first . But these humans were only , and Raven wondered if he could find some humans for them. After looking around, he found a , and opened it. Inside the chiton were some female humans, so he the females to the men. Since that day, whenever
Raven feels bored, he the of men and women. Soon he begins to laugh, and his is gone.